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At ADVANCE™, we believe one size doesn’t fit all. We use our expertise to create nutritional solutions tailored to your dog’s life stage, breed and health needs. Official choice of Guide Dogs Australia and recommended by top breeders.
ADVANCE™ Dry Range Product Benefits
Each ADVANCE™ product has been uniquely crafted with functional ingredients, from colostrum to help puppies defend against digestive upsets, to green lipped mussel powder to support joint health in larger breeds or older dogs. In addition, all ADVANCE™ dry dog food contains the below essential nutrients.
Omega 3 and 6 Plus Zinc
To maintain a healthy skin and coat with reduced coat scale
Fermentable Prebiotic Fibre
Supports digestion for ideal stool quality
Antioxidant Vitamin E
Helps support a dog’s natural defences

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About ADVANCE™ Kibble
Crafted in the NSW Central Tablelands using local ingredients wherever possible, the ADVANCE™ Dry Dog range also supports Australia’s most popular breed groups, including Retrievers and Cavoodles.
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