Have you got a question for us on how to be apart of our Breeder program, access exclusive puppy and kitten kits and products or any other general query? Great! Just check out our frequently asked questions below.

If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to click here and submit your query.


How do I join and access the ADVANCE™ breeder site?

Simply go to breeder sign up.

Fill out the Breeder Registration form. *Note if you are an existing member of the the ADVANCE™ Pro Team via the previous online store, you must re-register using your email that you had used to sign up previously

Once your application is submitted, it will go for approval to the ADVANCE™ team and you will receive a confirmation email from us with access details within 24 hours (standard business days).


How do I access and use my Loyalty credits?

Please follow the steps below to access your credit and enjoy our new online store:

  1. Click on ‘Register as a Breeder’ and submit the sign up form, *Important note: You must register with your current registered ADVANCE™ Breeder email to access your previous account details and accumulated reward points.  
  1. You will then be able to login and purchase from the site
  1. Simply add what you want to purchase to your basket and go to ‘checkout’
  1. At  the checkout you will see the credit you have and will be able to select how much you’d like to redeem against your purchase
  1. Select the amount you’d like to redeem and complete your transaction

For future reference please note that you  can also view your reward credit balance in the ‘my account section’.


I’m trying to log in using my existing breeder account, and it’s not working.

As we now have a significantly improved new site we have had to move to a new website platform which means our existing breeders need to register again.

This shouldn’t take long, please just go here https://shop.advancepet.com.au/ and register using your email that you previously registered with.

Your previously earned points and history will then be recognised.


What benefits do I receive as a member?

You receive FREE, NEW & IMPROVED super premium ADVANCE™ Puppy or Kitten kits for each new pet owner, which include over a weeks dry food, wet food sample, a joining gift and new pet owner information brochure.

*$5 credit rewards will be allocated within 2 business days and appear in your ‘my account section’ There is a no maximum limit of credit you can earn, however credit will expire after 12 months.


How do I order kits and when will they arrive?

Ordering kits is so easy, simply go here to request kits, which you will receive as promptly as any other order made on the new ADVANCE™ Breeder site, see shipping details here.


I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

Go to login and click the link 'Forgot your password'.


Where can I view my orders or update my account information

You can view orders, access and update your details anytime here.


I don't see my favourite product to buy directly on your site. Can I request a product?

We're more than happy to take requests, especially as we expand into the future. If the product you're after is not on our site, please go to contact us and let us know of any awesome products we should be stocking.


Have you got any other questions relating to Shipping or Returns?

Please check out our detailed information here.