About us

Pets make the world a better place - we want to make the world better for pets by continuing to improve and evolve the food we offer our pets with the latest global nutritional science and the best local insights.

ADVANCE™ pet food has been developed with in partnership with WALTHAM, a world leading authority on pet care and nutrition. With over fifty years of local manufacturing under our belts, ADVANCE™ is a super-premium pet food made in regional Australia, designed specifically for Australian pets living in our unique climate and lifestyle.

ADVANCE™ pet food is one of the most tested super premium pet foods in Australia, using the highest quality ingredients from Australian farmers and approved suppliers to make the best pet food we can.


ADVANCE™ understands the unique needs of Australian pets and is formulated to help dogs and cats in our environment.

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth.  People and pets tend to spend more time outside enjoying our unique climate.  This means that Australian pets are exposed to a range of temperature and humidity levels, which may impact:

  • Skin and coat health
  • Hydration
  • Natural defences
  • Joint health

In addition:

  • The amount to feed your pet may differ depending on season – Summer vs Winter, or where the pet is kept – Indoors vs Outdoors.  To assist, ADVANCE™ products feature a dual feeding guide so that pet parents can tailor the amount they feed their pet.
  • In Australia's climate, pets need to rehydrate regularly.  Mixed feeding (offering wet food and dry food) can help, by providing additional moisture.